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The Glasgow Pub Is Not Just For Drinking Any More

For many years now, the metropolis of Glasgow has been described on television as a tough, uncompromising place with a tough attitude.Scotland has long had a drinking culture and its almost certainly because of this that the Glasgow pub out numbers its rival, the Glasgow Restaurant by a factor of 3 to 1 in most parts of the city.

However, for several reasons, this has started to change in recent years. The recent smoking ban, cheap drink from supermarkets and a more health conscious public have all meant that more and more pubs are either shutting down, or are having to seek customers using alternative means. Of course, one very good way to do this is to start serving food, and appealing to families. Of course, many pubs have been offering food for years now, but often this has tended to be low grade comfort food aimed at people just wanting a quick bite. The emphasis, however, is now shifting to a finer dining experience across the board, and in some cases pub food is reaching the standards normally expected in high class restaurants.

Take, for example, The Grill On The Corner in Bothwell Street. The establishment started off life as a pub but has transformed itself into a vibrant mix of fine dining and lively watering hole which caters to a wide range fo clientele from busy porfessionals wanting a good meal in a hurry through to families on a evening out. The menu reflects this diversity with fare ranging from curries, burgers and steaks through to the more exotic offerings such as ostrich and sea bass. A nice touch is the inclusion of a live band on some nights and dancing all the time - if you can prise yourself out of your chair. Its certainly true to say that we have along way to go before restaurants take over as the most popular form of entertainment establishment in the city but the landscape is certainly changing. Establishments such as the Grill On The Corner are no doubt leading the way and it has to be said, with some success.

For health reasons, Scots need to start embracing a more European approach to drinking and eating. Out goes the hard drinking culture and in comes a more relaxed approach to alcohol with moderation being very much the keyword. Theres no doubt that a shift to a more mixed type of venue will have an impact on the Glasgow pub scene but it can surely only be a change for the better as it makes more venues accessible to a wider range of customers and may even help trigger the end of the binge drinking culture of the city.